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Diabetic Foot Care

Care for your Diabetes

When it comes to diabetic foot care, trust Bedford Podiatry & Foot Surgery, PC in Bedford, Virginia. We offer custom orthotics and other treatment options. 

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetes can cause poor circulation or loss of feeling in your feet. This makes you more vulnerable to cuts, bruises, blister & other injuries, since you may not feel pain, cold, or heat on your lower extremities. Sometimes, even a tender spot, callus, corn or even a tiny break in the skin can turn into a full-blown wound which can lead to infection without your knowledge. Diabetics are more prone to infection and poor blood flow in your feet slows down healing. If not treated promptly, a small wound in your foot may lead to infection, the small wound becoming a larger wound & ultimately amputation.

Treatment Options

If you have diabetes, you need regular foot checkups, ideally every two to three months. Here at Bedford Podiatry & Foot Surgery, PC we offer various treatment options, such as:

Prompt Treatment of Sores & Infections • Regular Checkups • Diabetic Shoes • Custom Heat Moldable Inserts • Orthotics & Other Support Devices •  Surgery when necessary

We offer a full range of devices that are designed to control, modify, and rehabilitate certain areas of your feet and legs. These include:

Diabetic Shoes • Custom Heat Moldable Inserts • Custom Orthotics • Braces • Splints • Paddings • Specialty Foot Support Devices