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For All Your Foot Problems

If you have unsightly toenails, foot deformities, foot pain or joint pains, turn to Bedford Podiatry & Foot Surgery, PC in Bedford, Virginia. We offer a full range of services for all kinds of foot disorders including:


Foot Diseases

Nail Problems

Nail problems include ingrown, thick or discolored toenails.  Ingrown and thick nails can be corrected by trimming or nail surgery. On the other hand, discolored nails may need draining of fluid from under the nail to relieve pressure.

Skin Conditions

Like other areas of your body, your feet can suffer viral and fungal skin infections. Warts can be removed by medication or surgery, while fungi can be easily treated with antifungal medication. For corns and calluses, your treatment options include orthotics, trimming or surgery to correct the underlying bone problem. Cracks and sores need medication, wound care and observation to limit future damage.


Joint Problems

Stiff joints, swelling and pain in the feet can be caused by gout, a type of arthritis. If you have gout, your treatment options include:

Medication • Physical Therapy • Orthotics • Braces • Surgery • Cortisone Injections

Soft Tissue Problems

Soft tissue problems include painful tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, or ankle sprains. They can be treated by:

Medication • Orthotics • Taping • Compression • Soaks • Physical Therapy • Surgery • Cortisone Injections

Arch Problems

Flat feet and high arches can cause pain, calluses, as well as foot and leg fatigue. Treatments to relieve pain include orthotics and surgery.

Nerve Problems

Usually caused by neuromas or neuropathy, nerve conditions bring intense pain, numbness, or burning sensations in your feet and/or toes. Symptoms can be treated with medication, injections, orthotics, or surgery.

Foot Deformities

Foot deformities include bunions, hammer toes, heel spurs, fractures or stiff joints. If you have a foot injury, inability to move with ease or a job that keeps you on your feet all day, you may be suffering from one of these deformities. We advise you to have an in-depth foot consultation with us, where we can perform an evaluation  and an X-ray if indicated. In addition, we will discuss treatment options, such as:

Change of Shoes • Orthotics • Padding or Cushioning • Surgery • Medication • Physical Therapy • Casts • Splints • Injections